Seminar Europeana & the FAIR Principles

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3 PM


How the Europeana services comply with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable).

To celebrate Public Domain Day 2022 in Indonesia, Goethe-Institut Jakarta, Wikimedia Indonesia, and Creative Commons Indonesia are organizing the online seminar “Europeana & the FAIR Principles” (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable).

The Europeana platform and its APIs offer access to digital cultural heritage coming from over 3,700 content providers, especially libraries, museums and archives. Europeana Research fosters its reuse with digital methods and tools in academia and research, particularly in the social sciences and humanities.

This lecture will address how the Europeana services comply with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) and how Europeana advocates for the wider adoption of these principles in the cultural heritage sector, including best practices and data quality analysis that can meet the needs of both content providers and users.

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Alba Irollo Photo B&W © Alba Irollo ALBA IROLLO is in charge of Europeana Research at the Europeana Foundation, The Hague, which oversees Europeana, the European Commission’s initiative for Digital Cultural Heritage. Europeana Research's area embraces the interconnections between digital cultural heritage and digital humanities. Before joining the Europeana Foundation, she gained wide-ranging experience in the field of cultural policy at the European Commission in Brussels. Inter alia, she worked on the preparatory phase of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018).  She holds a PhD in History of Art and, besides being busy with cultural policy, conducts research in the field of heritage and museum studies.

Nuno Freire B&W © Nuno Freire NUNO FREIRE holds a PhD in Informatics and Computer Engineering from the University of Lisbon. His main domain of interest is his cultural heritage. He works in Europeana R&D, with research interests focusing on novel methods for data aggregation, and on data modelling for the maintenance and evolution of the Europeana data model. He has been a member of the program committees of major international conferences in the area of digital libraries: JCDL (Joint Conference on Digital Libraries) and TPDL (Theory and Practice in Digital Libraries), SEMANTiCS, CIKM (ACM International Conference on Knowledge Management). He has also been a reviewer for the International Journal on Digital Libraries.