Workshop Curatorial Currents from the South-East: from Bandung to Jakarta

Curatorial Currents from the South-East © J.C.T. Simorangkir & B. Mang Reng Say

27. - 29.10. and 03. - 05.11.2022

Goethe-Institut Bandung

Workshop for aspiring curators

In conjunction with the symposium ‘The Makings of Art in Southeast Asia and the Problem of Colonial Legacies’, the Goethe-Institut Bandung and Institut Teknologi Bandung have organised a curatorial workshop for emerging curators on the legacies of the Afro-Asian Conference held in Bandung in 1955. The curatorial research focus is to question how this historical event continues to play a role in the art scene in and around Bandung. The workshop is led by Kathleen Ditzig, Dian Arumningtyas, Kerstin Winking, and Anissa Rahadiningtyas. 

Taking the Afro-Asian Conference of 1955 and the contemporary art of the non-aligned Countries: Unity in Diversity in International Art (Jakarta, 1995) as case studies, this workshop encourages the participants to examine imaginations of the 1955 meeting  and how they continue to inspire and inform contemporary art practices. The “Bandung Spirit” - a shared political project of being against imperialism and colonisation and advocating for self-determination and racial equality that is associated with this historic event- has often been referenced and mobilised to speak about contemporary identities, urgencies, censorships, ethics, and other sociocultural sensibilities.  
Through the six-day program situated in Bandung, the workshop facilitators will encourage the participants to question and rethink issues that emerged around the intellectual and cultural propositions of post-colonial knowledge production. Critically investigating local and regional exhibition histories, the workshop offers a retrospective view of the development of art discourses in Bandung. As the sessions emphasize the dialogues and exchanges through their own situated knowledge, time is given to seed conversations between participants and the city. In the end, every participant will present a curatorial response that will be included in the symposium program. 
Opening Curatorial Response 
Event as part of the symposium "The Makings of Art in Southeast Asia and the Problem of Colonial Legacies"
November 10th, 2022, 11 AM - 12.30 PM at Soemardja Galeri 

The exhibition is on view from 08 AM - 05 PM until November 17th, 2022. 
Speakers:  T.K. Sabapathy; Jim Supangkat; Naoko Shimizu; Grace Samboh (Independent Curator); Danuh Tyas Pradipta (Galeri Soemardja); Vincent Rumahloine (Artist and Director Rakarsa Foundation) 

Participants: Rama Saputra, Arie Syarifuddin, Clarissa Tifanny, Diaz Ramadhansyah, Gie Sanjaya, Haikal Al Farisi, Inkubator Inisiatif, Hilmy Fadiansyah, Muslimaniati, Yuramia Oksilasari 

The workshop Curatorial Currents from the South-East is a project of Goethe-Institut Bandung and Institut Teknologi Bandung with support by National Gallery of Singapore and Museum Konferensi Asia Africa. 


Anissa Rahadiningtyas is an art historian who completed her PhD in Art History from Cornell University and an Assistant Curator of Islamic aesthetics in modern and contemporary Southeast Asia at the National Gallery of Singapore.

Dian Arumningtyas is a researcher and a curator based in Bandung who works closely with topics related to cultural mobility, community involvement in artistic instruments, and textual reading through archives and library collections.  

Kathleen Ditzig is a curator and researcher based in Singapore. Her work unpacks the enduring legacies of the Cold War, and examines art as an exceptional site and system of speaking to power. She is currently a curator at the National Gallery Singapore. 

Kerstin Winking is a curator and scholar of modern and contemporary art. She has a background in art history, museum studies, and literature studies, and works on her dissertation on the relation between modern art from Indonesia and the global decolonization movement in the long twentieth century at the Leiden University Institute for History.