Sharing Session Visual Improvisation

Alur Bunyi - Lintang Radittya © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

13.12.2018 | 2 - 4 PM

Presentation of different methods of producing video content with no time for a big production.

During this sharing session Marco, media artist at the studio Pfadfinderei, will present different ways of visuals improvisation. He will be talking about software to create generative graphics, simple animation and create effects for a quick production of video content. Finding himself often in improvised vj situation he learned how to use various tricks to follow the music and being able to adapt at to different kind of performance. He will share this techniques with the participants and involve them in the creation of simple loops and generative videos.

Participants should bring laptop with any video editing software.

Pfadfinderei is a Berlin-based international design collective specializing in interdisciplinary concepts for visual music performances, multi-media installations, stage shows, and creative direction. Going beyond their initial roots of screen work, they apply immersive components to fuse light, video, and spatial design.