Conversation The Fiction - The Prediction #2

The Fiction - The Prediction 2 © Groupe Dejour

7.30 - 8.30 PM


Finding out Joko Anwar and Sugar Nadia's films selection that reflect our current situation and predict our post-pandemic world.

Travel and movement restrictions, economic recession, reduced carbon dioxide levels, initiatives by citizens, leadership triumphs (or crises), and national border closures are some of the things happening in various parts of the world. Anxiousness, frustration and worry have been prevalent throughout the world since March when WHO declared COVID-19 a global emergency. How long will it last? What will be the changes in our lives afterwards? Ironically, uncertainty is the only certainty right now.
When we feel tired of reality, many of us turn to the comfort of imagination. Does this situation remind us of the films we have watched, heard or wanted to create? Is it about struggle? Humanity? Or perhaps the end of the world? What can we learn from these films?

Joko Anwar, a filmmaker, and Sugar Nadia, a film programmer, will share their film selections reflecting our current situation and predicting our post-pandemic world.

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