Seminar Marriage in Germany in Times of Pandemic

Marriage in Germany in Times of Pandemic © Colourbox

4 - 5.30 PM


With Danang Prayogo, an Indonesian marriage migrant

Are you an Indonesian national and planning to migrate to Germany to marry? Do you have any questions about marriage in Germany especially in times of pandemic? What challenges will you face in the preparation?

Our speaker will answer these questions for you in the online seminar “Marriage in Germany in Times of Pandemic”. Danang Prayogo is an Indonesian who recently migrated to Germany to marry. He now lives with his wife in Koblenz. In the online seminar he will share his personal experience about preparing his departure to Germany, about the immigration requirements and regulations, and he will talk about the challenges he faced.

Are you interested in attending our webinar? If so, you can register by sending an email to until 11 October:
  • Please provide your name, birthdate and birthplace, place of residence, destination city in Germany (if already known), and your reason for participation in the seminar.
  • We will then select participants for the online seminar.

The online seminar “Marriage in Germany in Times of Pandemic” is part of the AMIF project “Pre-integration in the Region Southeast Asia”. This project is an initiative by Goethe-Institut and is supported by the European Union with the purpose of helping prospective migrants through various events and activities in their integration process before moving to Germany.
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