Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe
Sri Lanka

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea/OZAK

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea/OZAK Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe first studied German, Japanese, and Fine Arts before graduating with a Master’s in Linguistics from the University of Kelaniya. Since 2000, she has worked there as a lecturer of German.
In 2006, Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe began translating novels and short stories, primarily from German literature. In addition to working as a translator, she is responsible for creating lesson plans and textbooks for advanced German language instruction at the National Institute of Education. She also holds seminars for German instructors in this role. In 2016, she participated in a seminar for foreign German instructors in Göttingen as well as a teacher training seminar at the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka in Colombo.

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe has received numerous scholarships including scholarships for language courses at the University of Freiburg and the Goethe-Institut in Düsseldorf. She lives in Kelaniya near Colombo.

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe about Social Translating

It’s not so much “The World at Your Back” as it is “Your Colleagues at Your Back.”


Selected translations

Patrick Süskind: Das Parfum. Fast Publication, 2012

Tatiana de Rosnay: Sarahs Schlüssel. Fast Publication, 2011

Sheila Hochen: Emma und Ich. Fast Publication, 2009

Wolfgang Borchert: Ausgewählte Kurzgeschichten. Godage, 2006

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