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Study in Germany: Studienkolleg

How can I get the university qualifications, when my school-leaving certificate from Thailand is not recognized in Germany? Learn more about Studienkolleg (preparatory courses), the official program, which will entitle you to study at a German university.

What is the Studienkolleg?

The school-leaving certificate “Mathayom 6” and “Vocational School Certificate” (Por Wor Chor, Por Wor Sor) in Thailand are not recognized as university entrance qualifications (HZB) for studies in Germany. Therefore, you are not able to enroll in a German university directly. However, you can get your qualifications by visiting the so called Studienkolleg in Germany.

Studienkollegs are the educational institutions in which international university applicants take the preparatory courses in order to prepare for the academic study at a German university. For the admission to the Studienkolleg, you must pass the entrance exam. At the end of the Studienkolleg your knowledge in various subjects which are essential for your field of study will be tested. The exam which also consists of the language test is called Feststellungsprüfung or the university entrance assessment examination.

For more detailed information, please visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The Studienkolleg in four main points

(1) Preparation in Thailand
Taking German courses in Thailand in order to reach the required language level from Studienkolleg.
(2) Focus on your goal
Finishing the Studienkolleg in main subjects that are relevant to the university degree you intend to achieve.
(3) Direct admission to the universities in Germany
The only way for foreign students that do not have the school-leaving certificate and have not started their university study.
(4) For your study in Germany
If you pass the Studienkolleg, you will get the university entrance qualification to study at universities in Germany.

Which main subjects are there in the course?

Studienkollegs offer various preparatory courses which will prepare you for your particular subject area. Before applying, you should enquire about available courses offered by each Studienkolleg.
Always bear in mind that you can only apply for the field of study at the university, where you have taken the Studienkolleg. There might be some problems in the case of psychology for example. This subject might belongs to the field of medicine at one university, but belongs to the field of social science at another one. For this reason, you should always find out beforehand to which field of study your future study at the university belong, so that you can attend the right Studienkolleg and the right main subjects in preparatory course.

There are 5 types of Studienkolleg for the study at the universities:

  1. M-Kurs: for the field of study of medicine, biology or pharmaceutical.
    Main subjects: German, mathematic and sciences
  2. T-Kurs: for the technical and scientific field of study
    Main subjects: German, mathematic, physic and chemistry
  3. W-Kurs: for the field of study of economic and social sciences
    Main subjects: German, mathematic, political sciences, history or geography, English
  4. G-Kurs: for humanistic and linguistic field of study, history, German studies or philosophy
    Main subjects: German, history, German or English literature, sociology/geography
  5. S-Kurs: for the field of study of languages, foreign languages that are not German
    Main subjects: German, foreign language, history or sociology/geography or German literature (There are the combination of G-/S-Kurs at some universities)
Studienkollegs at the universities offer the courses with following main subjects:
  1. TI-Kurs: for the technical and engineering field of study
  2. WW-Kurs: for the economic field of study
  3. GD-Kurs: for the fields of study of creative arts and fine arts
  4. SW-Kurs: for the fields of study of social sciences

How can I apply?

Each preparatory course has its own requirements and documentary obligations.  The required level of German language also varies from B1 to the higher level. You can find detailed information in the FAQ below.



For further information about the programme:

Pimpakan Thanatkulroj
Programme Coordinator: PASCH & Perspektiven mit Deutsch

Tel.: +66 2 108 8221
Fax: +66 2 108 8299
E-Mail: Pimpakan.Thanatkulroj@goethe.de