Concepts and Materials

Concepts and Materials Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

German for work or studies

Teaching and learning material from the areas of business, tourism, technology, and social and medical occupations.

German for children

Courses for GFL learners aged 4-10 and for those wishing to support children in their GFL learning in a way that is fun and in line with the latest methodological and didactical findings.

German for young people

Young people have a very specific way of learning which differs in many respects from the way in which adults and children learn.

Teaching material

Visual Deutsch mit Musik macht Spaß © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Deutsch mit Musik macht Spaß!

Liebst du Musik und willst du auch Deutsch lernen? Die von uns geschriebenen Songs auf Thai und auf Deutsch, die Eselbrücken enthalten, sollen den Schüler*innen helfen, sich deutsche grammatische Regeln besser merken zu können.

Illustration showing two adults and three teenagers. Kawin is holding his passport and flight tickets. Illustration (detail): Goethe-Institut Thailand

Kawin in Germany

Accompany 16-year-old Kawin on his stay in Germany with your students. The bilingual publication of the Goethe-Institut offers exercises for everyday life and video animations to promote listening comprehension.

EDDU | Erfolgreich Digital Deutsch unterrichten © Goethe-Institut

EDDU | Erfolgreich Digital Deutsch unterrichten

At EDDU you will find teaching ideas for using chat apps, social media, videos, photos and other digital tools on the topics in your textbook that interest your students.