Why promote German?

In the world today it is important to be able to speak several foreign languages but in the future it will be fundamental. German is an important language for the future education of young Thais. At your school, students can already acquire the basics for learning German, however few understand the importance of having a command of several languages. That is why we are appealing to the students to choose German as their second foreign language.

What is the “Deutschmobil” ?

The “Deutschmobil” is a mobile unit which promotes the teaching of German as a subject in Thai secondary schools.

Who conducts the “Deutschmobil”?

A Thai-German team of young teachers from the Goethe-Institut, who travel to the schools in a VW van.

What happens at the schools?

The team gives an inter-active presentation about German to all students who have to choose their second foreign language. The presentation is not just fun but aims to show the students the advantages they have if they start learning German at school.

The activities include:
  • A German Quiz
  • Learning stations on different aspects of Germany
  • A mini German course
And lots more!

What must the school provide?

  • A large room to accommodate the students
  • A beamer and, if possible, a notebook computer
Support from German teachers and school caretakers for any necessary technical assistance