Female Protagonists: International Women Game Makers Week in Taipei

Game Desinger Lab main visual © Goethe-Institut Taipei

"Female Protagonists" is a week-long game project by the Goethe-Institut Taipei, and curated by Yang Jing (Allison), that celebrates the contributions of both established and emerging female leaders in the global video game industry.

While mainstream game culture may still perpetuate the stereotype that the video game scene is exclusively created by and for heterosexual men, the reality is quite different. Not only have players from diverse backgrounds immersed themselves in casual or professional gaming activities, but within the production and distribution sites, we witness a highly diverse population in terms of gender, sexuality, race, nationality, age, profession, and more, all coming together to create exceptional games. Together, we are changing the rules of the game, resisting the objectifying gaze towards "others", introducing authentic voices from real characters, and providing a richer and more inclusive gaming experience for all.

To challenge the myth of games being a boys' club and capture this pivotal moment in gaming history, "Female Protagonists" invites female game creators from different regions around the world. Together in Taipei, we will spotlight the remarkable achievements of women in the gaming industry and the broader gaming culture.

During a week-long program, we will showcase games, organize workshops, talks, and meetups with our invited guests and the public. Our goal is to create a platform where women from diverse backgrounds can share their personal and cultural experiences. Through open dialogues, we aim to build connections, foster rapport, and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

In addition to our focus on games and women, we are committed to learning and expanding the conversation to include the issues and solutions presented by LGBTQ communities. Our aim is to create a more inclusive space where all voices are not only heard but valued.

Join us this November if you are curious to witness a diverse creative energy in the gaming scene, eager to find a communal space to share your thoughts and ideas on creating/playing interesting games, or simply looking to meet friendly faces and enjoy awesome games. Come to "Female Protagonists" and support a more diversified game culture!

Games Exhibition

November 24 - December 3, 2023

  • Scope of the Cloud © Jooyoung Oh

  • Tengami © Jennifer Schneidereit

  • Finding Hannah © Franziska Zeiner

  • 12in12 © Henrike Lode

  • A Summer's End © Oracle & Bone

  • Moncage © Yijia Chen

  • Do You Really Want to Know? © Wei-Hsuan Sun

  • A Year of Springs © NPCKC

  • Psychotic Bathtube © Natasha Sebben

  • Soft Sanctuary © Marie Leblanc Flanagan

  • Return at Night © Yiwen Hsu

  • The Archipelago © Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough


Additional Activities

Speakers & Collaborators

"Female Protagonists" is presented by Goethe-Institut Taipei and financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, in collaboration with Team9, Digital Art Center Taipei, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Nowhere Bookstore, and curated by Yang Jing (Allison).

For enquiries, please contact the organizer team at the Goethe-Institut Taipei: 
Kuan-Yu Chen  Kuan-Yu.Chen@goethe.de
Theresa Hümmer Theresa.Huemmer@goethe.de



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