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Smiling business manPhoto: © Goethe-Institut, Sonja Tobias

Work & Career

Are you planning to live and work in Germany? You can find free exercises here to improve your German for work – from levels A1 to C2. These exercises will also help you find out what it is like to actually work in Germany for a German employer. What should you watch out for in an interview? How many hours a week do people work on average? You’ll find the answers to these, and more workplace-focused questions, in videos from people already at work in Germany. 

German at work Photo: © Syda Productions, shutterstock.com

Exercises: A new country, a new job
German at work

Practise German for your job – free of charge! These exercises for skill levels A1 to B2 will show you what it’s like to work in Germany through interviews, films, and more. You’ll gain not only language skills, but also the answers to important cultural questions – for example: how many days of paid leave do people in Germany get?

The face of a young dark-haired woman can be seen in the sunlight in front of the Brandenburg Gate. © Alina Holtmann / Maridav

Information and tips
Mein Weg nach Deutschland

Are you planning to move to Germany? Then you've come to the right place. Find important information about living and working in Germany – in German (levels A1 to B2) or in a language of your choice – with texts, videos and maps.

Superhero Campus Image: © Goethe-Institut

Online game: Discover your superpowers!
Superhero campus

You can gain superpowers in this online game! Learn new words and sentences for your work with the help of your avatar. Can you protect the city from the evil scorpion?

Undercover mission in the hospital Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Online game
Undercover Mission in the Hospital

This online game is a fun way to learn about what it is like to work in a hospital – auf Deutsch! As an undercover nurse, your mission is to find out who has stolen the valuable jewels! While on the case, you’ll learn invaluable vocabulary for the medical profession.