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Do you already speak very good German but would like to deepen your knowledge? Here you'll find online exercises that suit your ability. In levels C1 to C2, you will learn to talk about topics like the environment and the climate, or understand political and economic news almost like a native speaker! The exercises are free of charge. Not only will you learn new words, but make new friends in our "German for you" community and speak German fluently.

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Community: You are not alone!
Deutsch für dich

Learning is better together: In our online community, you will find more than 200 German exercises for all levels, free of charge – as well as other people to practise with. Meet new people, compare notes and improve your language skills together.

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Online films
More than 100 FILMs for free

On our "Onleihe" media platform, you can find more than 100 films – documentaries, children's films and comedies – to watch, free of charge. Many also have German or English subtitles.

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Podcast "kurz & bündig"
About politics, business and society

This podcast focuses on topics from politics, business and society in Germany and around the world. For example, how European is Germany? What is the the state of trading relations with China? The listening texts are in German and suitable for levels B2/C1.