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lächelnde Frau bei der ForschungFoto: Goethe-Institut, Getty Images

Learning & Education

Do you want to learn German for free and practise for the next quiz show at the same time? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared general knowledge questions about Germany and the world that are suitable for all levels. Which region of the world has the most penguins? What job did German inventor Carl Benz have in his summer holidays? Test your knowledge and impress your friends with what you know!

Children's University Foto: Goethe-Institut

Platform for children

How can autonomous cars drive themselves? Why does a shell make sounds if I hold it to my ear? Why do I need to sleep? The world is full of questions. And we have the answers – clearly explained and free of charge. Professor Einstein and Sophie Schlau look forward to meeting you!

Junior University Foto: Goethe-Institut

Platform for teenagers

What does it look like in space? Where does electricity come from? And how does a robot function? As a student at our digital junior university, you will learn the answers to these and other questions, and improve your German at the same time, free of charge. Junior university is ideally suited to levels A1/A2 and A2/B1. 

Onleihe - films Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Online films
More than 100 FILMs for free

On our "Onleihe" media platform, you can find more than 100 films – documentaries, children's films and comedies – to watch, free of charge. Many also have German or English subtitles.

German Quiz Challenge Foto: Goethe-Institut. Getty Images

Game app
German Quiz Challenge

What do you know about Germany and the German language? Challenge yourself! We have prepared an interactive quiz for you in this game app for teenagers from 13 to 16 years. As a tip for teachers, the app is also a great tool for German lessons!

kurz & bündig Podcast Foto: Goethe-Institut, Europanetzwerk Deutsch

Podcast "kurz & bündig"
About politics, business and society

This podcast focuses on topics from politics, business and society in Germany and around the world. For example, how European is Germany? What is the the state of trading relations with China? The listening texts are in German and suitable for levels B2/C1.

Super Frauen Podcast Foto: Goethe-Institut

Podcast "Superfrauen"
About feminism, culture and society

This podcast focuses on stories about women from all over the world. However different they may be, they all have one thing in common: they are role models. The paths they have taken through life are fascinating, smart and brave. The listening texts are in German and suitable for levels B2/C1.