Leben mit Behinderung Foto (Ausschnitt): VGstockstudio/ Shutterstock.com

The UN Disability Rights Convention has applied in Germany since 2009. The law states that people with disabilities must be able to participate equally in society.

In Germany, for example, efforts are being made to ensure that wheelchair users can enter and go anywhere in all public buildings or even buses and trams without difficulty. This often involves ramps.

Blind people can be recognised by the symbol for them. It is three black dots on a yellow background. They often wear an armband and have a cane or even a guide dog with them. Many traffic lights make certain sounds when they are green or red. This lets the blind know when they can cross the street. Braille is also present in many public buildings.
If rights are not upheld, this may be seen in some cases as discrimination. Please have a look at the section on our web portal.

Man sieht eine Hebevorrichtung mit einem blau-weißen Aufkleber, der ein Symbol mit einem Rollstuhlfahrer zeigt. © Goethe-Institut

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