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German courses and German exams

Learn German with the international market leader for German courses. Whether you are in Germany, in your home country or online – the Goethe-Institut is your qualified partner.

Teaching German

The Goethe-Institut is the world's leading provider of professional development for German teachers. We offer you a comprehensive programme – in your home country, in Germany or via distance learning.

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Topical articles about learning and teaching German as a foreign language
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Workshop conference

What will education and professional development be like in the future? How will digital networking influence our learning processes and the methods we use to teach foreign languages? We take a look at these questions in the conference.

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10 years of PASCH
The PASCH initiative celebrates its anniversary

The PASCHmobile will visit all of the programme’s partners in Germany from February to December, with events staged in each place to showcase the diversity of PASCH. Follow its journey on PASCH-net.

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Web portal for migrants
Mein Weg nach Deutschland

The web portal has extended its range of services for teachers and advisors. Among other things, the transcripts of the mini-series are now available for download. The contents can also be used offline.