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Group of multi-ethnic young people having fun outside Goethe-Institut, Sonja Tobias

Group of multi-ethnic young people having fun outside Goethe-Institut, Sonja Tobias

We teach German worldwide

The Goethe-Institut strives to establishing the German language in the educational systems of the host countries and qualifies teachers. Every year more than half a million people worldwide take a German exam at the Goethe-Institut and its partner-organizations. Our language course system comprises of modular German courses for adults at all levels, courses for children and young people, as well as preparatory language courses.

Learn German

Learn German with success in more than 90 countries on-site at your Goethe-Institut or online.

German exams A1-C2

Would you like to book an exam at one of our exam centres or contact our colleagues on site? You can find our locations worldwide here.

German lessons

Teach German like a pro: Our qualified trainings take your German lessons to the next level. 

Our multi-pronged efforts to promote the German language

Whether in Germany, in your country or online, we’re reliable partners with a pool of highly qualified teachers for effective German learning.

We administer German language exams worldwide for levels A1–C2. Goethe-Institut language certificates are internationally recognized as proof of German language proficiency for academic and professional purposes.

The Goethe-Institut has many years’ experience in providing intercultural and language training to prepare foreigners for life and work in Germany.

We provide practically oriented training for German language teachers using approaches and formats that have been tried and tested all over the world. We offer both in-person and online training programmes. We also help teachers draw up curricula and provide a wide range of useful teaching materials.

We are actively involved in international committees and associations and our Goethe-Institut networks promote German language learning, multilingualism and the internationalization of schools.

We stay on top of current trends in foreign language learning to make sure our various courses, tests and teacher training programmes around the world are always up to date and state-of-the-art.

Our university prep programmes provide foreign students with optimized preparation for the subject-related, linguistic and intercultural challenges of studying in Germany. This is our way of helping to internationalize academic research and the labour market.

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