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Several people are dancing together in a gym© Klaus Gigga

What we stand for

As the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, we promote cultural exchange, education and social discourse. We support the teaching and learning of the German language and provide information worldwide about the cultural and social diversity of Germany and Europe. 

Sprache. Kultur. Deutschland. 

The following six goals represent the entire range of our work and serve as a strategic basis for the development of our programmes and projects around the world.

Our Goals

People carry inflatable island with palm trees on the beach Photo: © Ihti Fahim

Dialogue and Creativity

We enable cultural exchange and common understanding.

Several people attend an evening public exhibition of large portrait photos in a public area Photo: © Elmar Witt

Mobility and Immigration

We support self-determined mobility and lighten the burden of arriving in Germany.

Many children run towards the camera on the beach at sunset Photo: © Goethe-Institut/Sorapong Sawawiboon

Global Learning

We make learning together possible while promoting the German language and knowledge exchange.

People in beekeeping protective clothing stand at a forest clearing with beehives Photo: © Goethe-Institut e. V. Amman/Hussam Da'na


Our actions are based on the principles of sustainability.

Two men lift a flagpole on which a European flag is flying Photo: © Herr Willie

With Europe for Europe

We strengthen a united Europe in cultural diversity.

A robot stands in a library; on its screen, different possibilities for use are displayed. Photo: © Goethe-Institut London/Pau Ros

Innovative Organisation

We develop continually as a learning organisation.