The Goethe-Institut conveys an up-to-date image of the diverse musical life in Germany and initiates an exchange between artists at home and abroad. More than 1,000 music projects take place annually in the professional, junior and amateur categories. We cover the entire range of genres – from early and classical music to jazz, rock and pop music as well as electronica, sound art and contemporary classical music.

NonaRia performed at Festival Alur Bunyi at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta. NonaRia performed at Festival Alur Bunyi at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta. © Goethe-Institut Indonesien/Sancoyo Purnomo & Septiyan Wahyu Nugroho

Arts funding and residencies

Discipline: Music

The Goethe-Institut promotes art and culture in a variety of projects in Germany and abroad. You can search by genre, funding type and duration.

Arts funding and residencies © Unsplash/Maick Maciel

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At the beginning of each year, our annual music reviews offer a summary of the latest trends in various genres of German music over the past year. What were the developments in electronic music and pop, in jazz or in classical, new and early music in Germany, what was important, what stood out?

A curated overview of artists' houses: These support professional international composers, performers or musicologists by providing them with studio space and accommodation for limited periods of time, often combined with the award of a stipend or grant.

Links to important institutions and associations in the German music sector as well as to the main international music competitions in Germany.


About our work

A large part of the music programmes of the Goethe-Institut is created through interaction with local partners such as festivals, concert halls or clubs. Our funding for professional music projects targets professional musicians based in Germany or in developing or transition countries.

In addition, we offer young and amateur musicians from Germany the opportunity to carry out concert tours, encounter concerts or workshops. Equally important is the promotion of artists abroad. There are very many talented musicians in developing and transition countries who often lack suitable training facilities and qualified instructors.


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