Visual Arts

Group and solo exhibitions, panel discussions, conferences, research travels, workshops – through numerous activities abroad the Goethe-Institut enables people all over the globe to come into contact and engage with art from Germany. The focus is on contemporary art in all the various branches of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, architecture, photography, media art, design and fashion.

A man standing in front of a wall with streetart © David Frenkel, Goethe-Institut St. Petersburg

Our funding programmes

Ecological Futures

The effects of the climate crisis make it clear how inextricably linked ecological and social issues, global power structures and therefore also the past, present and future are. It is this nexus that the project Ecological Futures, a cooperation of the Goethe-Institut and ARCH+, takes as a starting point to develop models for sustainable micro-transformations and visions for the future.

Canemorto, Combo with Ema Jons (2015) © Gian Andrea Montanino

Techno Worlds

Touring exhibition

As a global phenomenon, techno has not only shaped music history, but has also set impulses that have impacted contemporary culture, art, pop culture, media consumption and technologies.The exhbition „Techno Worlds“ will be on display at various places and venues around the world until 2026. 

A man visiting the exhibition Techno Worlds © Adil Boukind for PHI Centre

Inform. Research. Discover.

Inform. Research. Discover.

Innovation, flexibility, participation, future viability – Museum work and the role of museums as social actors are increasingly in the focus of interest. The Goethe-Institut incorporates new perspectives on cultural education into a variety of projects.

A curated overview of artists' houses: These support professional artists of all disciplines by providing them with studio space and accommodation for limited periods of time, often combined with the award of a stipend or grant. They are international meeting places and centres of cultural and creative exchange.

About our work

The Goethe-Institut initiates and supports art, design and architecture projects worldwide, thus promoting intercultural exchange.

The spectrum of approximately 1,000 events held each year includes group and solo exhibitions, lectures, symposiums, workshops and artist-in-residency programmes. Wie cooperate with local partners and arrange touring exhibitions at art institutions abroad.


For all questions you may have concerning projects with a Goethe-Institut abroad please contact that institute directly. They decide whether specific project ideas fit into their respective programmes based on their focal points and goals.

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