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These publications offer information about the Goethe-Institut and its activities.

About the Goethe-Institut

das goethe 1/2018 © Goethe-Institut


The Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine
The fifth issue of „das goethe“ is dedicated to how people learn languages all over the world and why Computers still fail at translations. With contributions by Alexander Görlach, Miriam Mannak, Kristina von Klot, Henrike Busch and Mari Peegel.​

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The Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine
The fourth edition of "das goethe" travels to young people in Tokyo, Lagos and Jakarta and asks them, “What do you believe in?”. It contains contributions by Kyoko Iwaki, Dami Ajayi und Arghea Desafti Hapsari.

das goethe 1/2017 © Goethe-Institut


The Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine
The focus of the third edition of the Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine is an outer-European look at Europe. It contains contributions by Pankaj Mishra, Wang Ge, Alexey Iorsh, Steven Hill, Isabella Gerstner and Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

das goethe Goethe-Institut

das goethe 2/2016

The Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine
Entitled “Wohin?” (Where to?), the latest issue of the cultural magazine “das goethe” presents artistic and intellectual positions of partners from the Goethe-Institut’s international network on the topics of homeland, displacement and migration


Magazine das goethe © Goethe-Institut

das goethe 1/2016

The Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine
Our magazine reports about what is moving the world and what the Goethe-Institut is doing to promote understanding and communication. It contains stories about people who work together closely with the Goethe-Institut – for example in the USA, Ukraine or China.


Kultur wirkt Kultur wirkt

Kultur wirkt

Thematic brochure
Can we, should we evaluate the impact of art and culture? The Goethe-Institut has been grappling with this question for several years under academic supervision. The result is this thematic brochure.

Fikrun wa fann Fikrun wa fann

Fikrun wa fann / Art and Thought

Cultural journal for dialogue with the Islamic world
With high-ranking writers from Germany and the Islamic world, the journal is a forum for information and dialogue with and within regions of Islamic cultural background. The printed version is published biannually in Arabic, Farsi and English. The online portal offers additional articles, even in german.

African Futures African Futures

African Futures

A book about four African Futures Festivals held in Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Berlin
The book is about visions of the future by African artists, cultural producers and academics that arose from four African Futures Festivals held in Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Berlin
Edited by Lien Heidenreich-Seleme (Goethe-Institut Johannesburg) and Sean O’Toole, published by Kerber Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7356-0186-5. The English edition of the book came out in June 2016. The German version can be pre-ordered and will be available in September. There will also be an e-book version.

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Games and Politics Games and Politics

Games and Politics

Catalogue of the touring exhibition “Games And Politics”
Whether computer games are seen as a political issue, as an entertainment medium or-even-as art, they all have to be viewed in a contextual manner. Every game positions itself in a society and picks it out as the central issue at the same time. A political relevance can be postulated for all computer games, even if they seem to evade any kind of political action. At the other end of the spectrum are games which are consciously used for the purpose of political education or propaganda objectives. The touring exhibition GAMES AND POLITICS as well as this catalogue examine how computer games unfold their political potential.

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German as a Foreign Language

Willkommen! Willkommen!


The compact language guide is intended to help Arabic-speaking refugees during their initial phase in Germany. It contains important words with pictures as well as relevant everyday dialogues and the respective Arabic translations. 45,000 copies of the language guide have been distributed to initial reception centres in Germany.


Deutsch als Fremdsprache weltweit Deutsch als Fremdsprache weltweit

Deutsch als Fremdsprache weltweit - Datenerhebung 2015

„Netzwerk Deutsch“ ist eine Initiative des Auswärtigen Amts, des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes, des Goethe-Instituts und der Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen zur Förderung von Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Die vorliegende Erhebung zur Zahl der Deutschlernenden im Jahr 2015 spiegelt die Stellung der deutschen Sprache in der Welt wider und erlaubt einen Blick auf aktuelle Entwicklungstendenzen.

Freiheiten schaffen – Inklusion leben: Barrierefreie Prüfungen am Goethe-Institut Goethe-Institut

Barrierefreie Prüfungen am Goethe-Institut

Jeder, der Deutsch lernen und eine Prüfung des Goethe-Instituts ablegen möchte, findet geeignete Voraussetzungen vor. Alle Prüfungsinteressierten erhalten die für ihren individuellen Bedarf optimalen Zugangs- und Nutzungsoptionen zu allen vorbereitenden Trainings und Prüfungen. Diese Broschüre gibt einen Überblick über die Angebote des Goethe-Instituts für blinde und sehbehinderte, gehörlose und hörbehinderte sowie motorisch behinderte Personen.


FREMDSPRACHE DEUTSCH SPECIAL ISSUE - For learners of German with migration backgrounds

Fremdsprache Deutsch Fremdsprache Deutsch German-speaking countries are facing complex challenges considering the large number of refugees. In particular, there is a very great need for language training and language support. The special issue of Fremdsprache Deutsch (2016) provides guidance and practical assistance for language teachers who work with refugees. Edited by the executive committee of the Goethe-Institut and by Christian Fandrych, Britta Hufeisen, Imke Mohr, Ingo Thonhauser, Rainer E. Wicke and Ulrich Dronske, corresponding member of the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA). Published by Erich Schmidt Verlag.

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