Frequently Asked Questions about RSS-Feeds

What is an RSS feed?

RSS is a standard to easily share content of websites and stands for ”Really Simple Syndication”. Files created in this format are usually called feeds.

What can I do with RSS?

RSS feeds just contain headlines, descriptions and hyperlinks without any design elements. This enables you to quickly and effectively check for news or changes of a website. You can subscribe to feeds of multiple websites using specific software. Thus you will automatically get the latest information without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from. In addition to text and images you can also subscribe to audio and video data.

What system requirements are needed?

You need an RSS reader in order to subscribe to an RSS feed. The reader, sometimes called a news reader checks your subscriptions for the most recent items. There are mainly two types of RSS readers: browser-based readers (such as Netvibes, Google My Yahoo) and stand-alone applications.

How may I use RSS feeds of the Goethe-Institut?

We offer feeds on various topics within our RSS category. Copy the URL of the feed you are interested in and paste it into your preferred RSS reader.
Modern Internet browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 7) automatically check whether RSS feeds are available from a website. An RSS icon indicates availability. Users subcribe by simply clicking on the RSS button.

How may I use RSS feeds on personalised home pages?

You may also use the RSS feeds for your personalised home pages offered by, Google or My Yahoo. To receive the lastest information of the Goethe-Institut on your page, simply click on the appropriate button. Our feed will be added to your page automatically.