Capital Office Berlin

Capital office Berlin Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias The Capital Office connects the Head Office of the Goethe-Institut in Munich with cultural, political and economic partners in Berlin and is the contact point for the press in the capital city. The Capital Office is headquartered at the Berlin Goethe-Institut, one of 12 Goethe-Instituts in Germany.

Organisationally, however, the Capital Office is affiliated with the Head Office, which, with approximately 300 employees, supports the nearly 150 Goethe-Instituts abroad from Munich. That is also where all of the divisions of the Goethe-Institut are located. The executive committee and the president of the Goethe-Institut also work in Munich.

The Communications Staff Division at the Head Office has employees based in both Munich and at the Capital Office. Annika Goretzki is responsible for contacts with the press; Christina Steenken is the contact for the parliament and ministries at the Capital Office.


The Goethe-Institut Berlin and the Goethe-Institut Capital Office work under one roof at Neue Schönhauser Straße 20.

The building is easy to reach in the Berlin-Mitte district between the S-Bahn stations Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz, from which it is a five-minute walk.
The U-Bahn station Weinmeisterstraße (U-Bahn line 8) is located directly in front of the institute. Parking is not available!
The Capital Office is located on the fourth floor of the front building.
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