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Residencies Abroad

One of the Goethe-Institut’s principal objects is to boost intercultural exchange and international cultural networking through collaborative projects and coproductions. Artists performing or giving workshops abroad usually don’t stay long enough to thoroughly explore local musical forms and styles or start up long-term projects there. For this reason, the Goethe-Institut supports two- to four-week work stays abroad for professionals and young musicians.

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Conditions of Funding

We fund German-based professional musicians and composers as well as young musicians planning a stint abroad.

We provide funding for work stays of two to four weeks’ duration.

The objects of such a work stay may be to:
  • Research and develop medium to large-scale artistic productions in Germany and/or the host country
  • Develop and/or realize joint compositions/coproductions with collaborators in Germany and/or the host country
  • Network with performing artists and multipliers

Costs covered by the grant include travel expenses, housing, meals and other expenses. The local Goethe-Institut will also help you organize your project upon request.

This funding is not for attending Master classes or summer schools, study visits, business training seminars, tourist travel, family visits, guest appearances or tours, academic research or giving lectures.

  • The project should be embedded in the local music scene in the host country.
  • It should have a significant impact on the music scene in the host country and/or in Germany.
  • Performing artists applying for a grant should be prepared to work with the local Goethe-Institut on developing collective activities such as workshops, talks and concerts during their stay abroad.
  • Our selection criteria are partly based on the German Foreign Office’s priorities and guidelines for cultural policy abroad. Subject to project approval by our expert panel, preference will be accorded to work stays in priority regions for German cultural policies abroad.
  • Consideration of sustainability criteria in the choice of means of transport: We prefer to support rail travel, especially within Europe for travel times of up to seven hours. We assess the eligibility of additional costs compared to air fares.
  • Excluded from funding are travels to German-speaking countries abroad.

  • Comprehensive project description incl.
    • Brief description of your exact project, substantive goals of your stint abroad and your project’s connection to the host country's music scene
    • Detailed itinerary (including when you’re planning to go, for how long, as well as a list of places, people, institutions etc. you plan to visit)
    • Information about other participants, if any, and their role in the project (esp. for coproductions)
    • Briefly outline any potential ways of getting the local Goethe-Institut abroad involved in your project.
  • Artist biography
  • Budget/financial plan (incl. information about any costs covered or services provided by local partners and any third-party funding)
  • Recent audio sample (link)
  • Two quotes for travel fares (from Internet portals, travel agencies, etc.) as proof of a particularly inexpensive itinerary
  • In the case of air travel, the offer with the lowest CO2 emissions is to be included as well

Projects for which travel arrangements (e.g. flights) have already been booked before applying for a grant are generally not eligible for funding. So, before making any binding reservations, you must submit an informal e-mail requesting a dispensation to make advance travel arrangements. Bear in mind, however, that this dispensation does not constitute a promise to award any funding.

Artists awarded a Goethe-Institut grant for a work stay abroad may not apply for another such grant for three full calendar years thereafter, regardless of the destination.

Please take note of our privacy policy.

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Sustainability and inclusion

Making music projects sustainable is a high priority for us. So we’d be glad to advise you on ways to minimize your project’s carbon footprint.

Another high priority is to help people with disabilities take part in arts and culture.

If you have any questions in this regard or need assistance with the application process, feel free to contact us.

Recommendations for climate- and resource-friendly travel in the Music Division funding programmes:​​​​​​​

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