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Culture Moves Europe Residency Action

Culture Moves Europe supports cultural mobility in all 40 Creative Europe countries. It is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and implemented by Goethe-Institut. The Residency Action targets legal entities active in the cultural sector.

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Conditions of Funding

Legal entities (e.g., non-profit organisations, NGOs, public bodies, foundations, companies, self-employed persons, etc.) which are legally registered and based in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries, active in the participating sectors, and have the capacity (i.e. facilities, services, mentors, staff) to implement a residency project.

They receive financial support to invite up to five artists and cultural professionals from the 40 Creative Europe countries for their residency.

The residency grant is compiled of two parts:
  • the hosting allowance, supporting the host with expenses related to the implementation of the residency project, e.g. accommodation or equipment.
  • daily allowances, travel allowances and top-ups, which are allocated to each participant based on individual travel plans and needs

In the application, one of the following options must be selected for the duration:
  • Short-term residency project: from 22 to 60 days
  • Medium-term residency project: from 61 to 120 days
  • Long-term residency project: from 121 to 300 days

  • Does the host provide appropriate premisses and services to participants, e. g. housing, equipment, work environment?
  • Is the selection process of the participating artists and cultural professionals well explained and justified?
  • Does the host provide mentorship and a collaborative environment to the participants?
  • Is the residency project relevant to the applicants’ work and activities, as well as to Culture Moves Europe’s objectives?
  • Does the residency project have long-term impact and benefits?
  • Does the project take sustainability and the environment into consideration?

  • A proof of legal entity
  • A portfolio/description/flyer of the activities of your legal entity (PDF, in English)
  • A CV or short biography for each mentor (PDF, in English)
If the host is selected for funding, further documents will be requested. More information can be found in the call document (p. 20).

The application process in Culture Moves Europe’s Residency Action consists of two phases:
Phase 1: The focus is on the application and selection of residency hosts.
Phase 2: Successful applicants proceed to this phase, during which they select the artists and cultural professionals who participate in their residency projects.

Afterwards, the precise residency grant is calculated and the grant agreement between the host and the Goethe-Institut is signed. The residency projects can take place any time in the twelve months after the signature of the grant agreement.

For more information, visit the European Commission's Culture Moves Europe Residency Host website.

Please draw your attention to the applicable Data Protection.

Application Deadline

The call is open until 16 January 2024.


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