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Together with the international NGO Artists at Risk (AR), the Goethe-Institut bundles and supports funding programmes from cultural institutions in Germany to match them with creative artists fleeing from Ukraine.

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Conditions of Funding

Cultural organisations in the fields of theatre, dance, film, music, literature, visual arts, performance, architecture, libraries, and museums that offer support for artists at risk from Ukraine.

While cultural institutions of any size can apply, the aim is to encourage smaller institutions in particular to set up new programmes.

Funding of:
  • Scholarships for creative artists from Ukraine (living expenses)
  • Accommodation costs
  • Travel costs
  • Material or production costs
The amount of the grant is a flat rate of €1,000 per month for living expenses. After consultation, close family members (children) travelling with you can be supported.
Rent or other costs are supported according to need and on the basis of cost estimates and receipts.

The applicant organisation must
  • be legally based in Germany and have no independent alternative means to support artists at risk from Ukraine,
  • have staffing capacities to maintain contact with the artist and, if necessary, to provide on-site support.
  • Respect the Working Model of Artists at Risk-Residency Hosting (see Explanation for the Application)

Completed application form

After funding approval:
  • Detailed financing plan agreed with the artist from Ukraine
  • Schedule

Applications for cultural organisations in Germany can only be submitted via the online portal.

Artists and cultural professionals should apply directly via the forms on the Website of Artists at Risk. The prerequisite for a successful placement is that they have had their main place of residence in Ukraine in recent years and have been active as artists there.

Applications will be vetted and prioritised by a German-Ukrainian team of matchmaking curators from Artists at Risk (AR) and the Goethe-Institut and subsequently matched with institutions in Germany, selected through this call. The final selection of the artists lies with the institution offering the programme.

After a successful application, further documents and instructions will be provided to help guide the process. For example, if the artist is already receiving support from the Jobcenter, they should preferably not apply for a grant for living expenses, but, as the applicant institution, support the procurement of materials or production costs with the funding from the Goethe-Institut. The applying organisation will be asked to work out a financing plan together with the artist and submit it to the Goethe-Institut.

Applications for funding can be submitted until 31.10.2023. The funding amount must be spent by 31.12.2023. ​​​​​​​
Please note the applicable privacy policy.

Application deadline

You may submit your application from now. The deadline for submission is 31 October 2023.


Therese Hueber
Culture Department


The matching portal is a partnership between the Goethe-Institut and the international NGO Artists at Risk (AR).

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