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Making Tracks

Making Tracks is an international music exchange programme based around the themes of musical traditions and the natural world. The residency will run in September where the artist will receive professional development, incubate new work and develop craft and career plans. This will be followed by a short tour and series of workshops in late September to early October. Making Tracks is open to collaboratively minded, emerging music professionals from anywhere in the world.

Several people sit outside at a table, mountains can be seen in the background © Making Tracks

Conditions of Funding

Musicians living/working in Germany

Residency and tour including all costs

  • Musical Excellence – A high level of performance, composition, improvisational, production and/or technological skill. Please note that we typically do not programme artists who play the same instrument in consecutive years.
  • Collaboration – Openness to listening, and a willingness to reach across cultural and musical divides in creating original music or re-interpreting traditional music, while respecting the essence of each tradition.
  • Environmental Engagement – Musicians who share our passion for nature, draw on it for creative inspiration, and/or care about reducing their environmental impact or spreading awareness of environmental issues such as climate change or biodiversity loss.
  • Age – No strict age limit
  • English Proficiency – Applicants should be able to converse in and understand basic English, as it will be the common language of the Making Tracks programme.
  • Internet Proficiency – Making Tracks Fellows should actively use email and have a social media presence and/or an artist website.
The selection is made by a jury.

  • Completed application form
  • Work samples

Application Deadline

8th June 2024 at noon GMT (12:00), 13:00 MEZ

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