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Support for Newcomer Talents

We provide funding to help young talents enjoy their first international experiences in theatre and dance.

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Conditions of Funding

Artists working in Germany, as well as in the field of dance and theater, who can be counted among the professional artistic newcomers and who are invited to guest performances in non-German-speaking countries.

Only the travel and transportation costs are eligible for funding

  • The applicant artists or ensembles should be professional but still at the beginning of their career. This includes higher semesters of theater schools up to artists with several years of experience. Funding is possible a maximum of two times.
  • Consideration of sustainability criteria in the choice of transportation: For travel times of up to seven hours and/or 600 km, we prefer to support rail travel.
  • We will check whether additional costs compared to airfares are eligible for funding.
  • At the time of application, no firm bookings (flights, hotels) may have been made for the requested parts of the trip.
  • Travel to German-speaking countries is excluded from funding.

  • Description of the invited production
  • Invitation from the organizer
  • Information about the applicant
  • Complete contact details of the applicant
  • a detailed financing plan (income, expenses, grants, etc.) with details of residual financing (possibly with the note "requested") and details of any financing from public funds .
  • In the case of an application for funding of travel costs, two comparative offers (travel agencies, railroads, forwarding agencies, etc.) must be submitted.
  • In the case of air travel, additionally attach a quote with the lowest CO2 emissions.
  • Note whether this is the first or second application for this funding line.
  • In the case of an acceptance: Indication of the bank details (with IBAN and Swift code) and name.

The application must be received at least 7 weeks before the end of the quarter for the following quarter, otherwise the application may have to be rejected for formal reasons.

Applications are submitted by the artists themselves.

Please take note of our data policy.

Measures that have already begun, i.e. projects in connection with which bookings (e.g. for flights) have already been made, cannot generally be funded. Before making any binding bookings, it is therefore necessary to apply for the so-called early start of measures informally by e-mail. The awarding of the early start of measures is not equivalent to a binding funding commitment.
After an artist has been funded, no further funding is possible for the duration of one calendar year.

Next application deadline

The application must be received at least seven weeks before the end of the previous quarter.


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