Travel grant
Support for Newcomer Talents

We provide funding to help young talents enjoy their first international experiences in theatre and dance.

A youth theatre group on stage Goethe-Institut

Conditions of Funding

young performing artists from Germany at the start of their careers

Our programme for newcomer performers seeks to help aspiring young talents to their first international contacts and experience. We provide funding in the form of a travel and transport allowance to enable young talents to perform abroad.

An invitation from a professional organizer abroad is a prerequisite for funding.

  • Invitation from organizer abroad
  • Informative description of the pieces to be performed, including the concept and objective of visiting performance (indicating target audience) and information about the inviting party
  • Information about applicant
  • Applicant’s full contact details
  • Account details (incl. IBAN and Swift code) and name of contracting party
  • Budget clearly showing amount of own/third-party funding and a sound financial plan as well as two comparative quotes for travel and transport costs (travel agencies, rail, forwarding agencies etc.)
  • Note whether the applicant has already received funding from the Goethe-Institut for previous projects involving newcomer performers or artistic research.

Please take note of our data policy.

Next application deadline

The application must be received at least ten weeks before the start of the trip.


Susanne Traub
Dance & Theatre Division