Fit for the German Labour Market

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Since July 2023, the project "Fit for the German Labour Market" ("Fit für den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt”/ FIMA) has been offering free language and intercultural preparation for skilled workers and future trainees from Mexico, Brazil and Columbia who have decided to migrate to Germany. Depending on the country, the focus is on the occupational fields of healthcare, hospitality, electrical engineering, (landscape) construction and education. The cooperation partner is the Federal Employment Agency of Germany, which is responsible for placing the participants.


  • Publicise opportunities for migration to Germany for employment and training purposes
  • Prepare participants linguistically for everyday and working life in Germany, including obtaining certificates
  • Reach rural regions by offering online language courses
  • Raise awareness of career opportunities in Germany for students and educational institutions
  • Supporting and networking alumni to get them interested in living in Germany long term
  • Promote legal labour migration by facilitating the migration process while adhering to the principles of fair labour migration
  • Utilise the services of the project "Pre-Integration and Transition Management – Ensuring a Successful Migration Process" (“Vorintegration und Übergangsmanagement – den Migrationsprozess erfolgreich gestalten“)

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Offers for the participants

  • Free language courses at levels A1 and A2
  • Language exam: Acquisition of the recognised Goethe Certificate
  • Regional and intercultural preparation
  • Job application training
  • Homework support
  • Specialist support from the Federal Employment Agency and the International Placement Services (Bundesagentur für Arbeit und die Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung /ZAV)
  • Offers for alumni on the Alumniportal Deutschland

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Participating countries



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