GETVICO24 is a virtual German teachers' conference that takes you around the world in 24 hours.
Have you already missed our conference? This year we will be back from June 6 to 7, 2024. The conference will open at 4:30 p.m. (CEST) on June 6. Are you ready? Find more details on this page.

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Attention dear friends of GETVICO24: That time has come again!

The Goethe-Institut's online German teachers' conference GETVICO24 is entering its next round this year. Join us again on June 6/7, 2024 as a speaker and/or participant at our international conference and make your personal contribution to cross-border professional exchange and sustainable networking with like-minded people around the world!

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The motto of this year's conference is "German moves/is on the move". Where is GFL teaching heading? Which proven methods characterize the teaching and learning of German today and what can we expect in the future? What is the best way to encourage your own students to learn and experience German and possibly open up new career paths? The range of exciting and current topics that affect our subject is immense and should be examined more closely. We cordially invite you to join us and share your ideas with us!

The Zoom Events software will be used for the conference. Therefore, please make sure that you have at least one free Zoom account to be able to use the Zoom software on your computer. It is also important that you have a webcam and microphone (recommended: headset) as well as a stable internet connection.

For interested speakers who have submitted an abstract to us, the following applies: In the course of April, you will receive feedback from us as to whether your contribution has been accepted. If this is the case, we will discuss the specific time of your presentation at the conference with you.

Interested participants who are not submitting a paper but would like to attend the conference can register for the conference starting from now on
Information for interested participants from the People's Republic of China: If registration using the OTP method fails, please send an e-mail to:

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We look forward to welcoming you (again) soon as a speaker or participant at GETVICO24 and are looking forward to a fruitful and instructive exchange with you! 


If you have any queries, please contact or the Goethe-Institut in your country that brought the event to your attention.

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