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Specialised courses

  • current topics
  • varied exercises
  • discussions with the group

Our special German courses allow you to improve your language skills completely in line with your personal preferences or requirements. 

Filmstadt Berlin

What place do kangaroos have in German films? Can you shoot a film using just a single camera angle?
We explore these and many other questions on the course and also take a look behind the scenes of Berlin
– city of film.

Kunstgeschichte Kompakt

The course looks at the history of art in Europe from antiquity to modern times by classifying and categorising it. Various styles, functions and contents of works of art are interactively explored and discussed using carefully selected examples
from architecture, sculpture and painting
in individual stages.

Quer durch Deutschland: Städte, Regionen, Kultur & Kurioses

Discover Germany, its cities and regions, practice your oral skills and take part in discussions! This course unearths fascinating facts and extraordinary stories about culture,
traditions, modern life and much
more besides.
For advice over the phone, call +32 2 5858501 Email kurse-bruessel@goethe.de

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