Cultural programme: Criteria for cooperation

Our guiding criteria:

  • We facilitate projects that could not take place without us, i.e. our network, expertise, and organisational and financial involvement.
  • We are neither a commercial organiser nor a sponsor (quite the contrary: we are looking for sponsors!).
  • Outstanding artistic quality and relevance in terms of content are crucial.
  • We attach particular importance to the joint development of ideas and dialogue from the very outset: from the original idea to the discussion of different formats and event forms, the selection of artists, ensembles and speakers, to financing, scheduling, organisation and public relations.
  • We plan early. Our programmes for the following year are always decided by 15 October at the latest.
  • Our base in Belgium is Brussels. We seek cooperation with partners throughout Belgium. We have a long-term cooperation agreement with dasKULTURforum [the Culture Forum] in Antwerp.
  • We focus not only on topics, information and content, but also on lively, sustainable contacts. We bring people together and promote the formation of international networks. 
  • We develop transnational projects together with the other 21 Goethe-Instituts in our area of responsibility (Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain).
  • We are initiators of and partners for EU projects with the help of our EU office.

Target groups we address:

  • Cultural (policy) makers and networkers
  • Cultural experts and culturally interested Belgians with and without knowledge of German
  • Trainees and newcomers to the Belgian cultural and educational scene
  • Special programmes are also aimed at EU representatives and other European actors in Brussels
  • Special programmes are also aimed at EU representatives and other European actors in Brussels

Languages spoken

The majority of our programmes take place in one of the national languages (French, Dutch, German) by our partners.

Are you interested in cooperating with us? Do you have a project or an idea that could bring us together? Then we look forward to hearing from you and getting in touch.