EURO 2024 The back of the net

Finally soccer again, the European Championship is here! The grass is mowed, the beer is cold, the armchair is folded out. Our special edition on EURO 2024 brings you up to date with all the latest news on Germany's national sport!

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Director: Thomas Arslan
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama
Length: 91 min.

Summer, sunshine, holiday time, a remote country house in the northern German region of Uckermarck, and a family unit which is slowly crumbling apart. Vacation by Thomas Arslan is the portrait of four generations of a family, conceived as a construct of different love stories.

Part of the annual series "City, Country, River" 

Scene from the film “Vacation” Photo (detail): © Peripher

Subjects and Projects

German Traces in Canada

Discover Canada from a new perspective and join us on a multimedia search for traces of German immigration in Canada. 

Deutsche Spuren in Kanada © Goethe-Institut

300 Years Immanuel Kant

The philosopher was born in Königsberg 300 years ago. Kant’s work is considered to be the pinnacle of the philosophy of the Enlightenment. His maxim that we should use our own reason seems more relevant and pressing today than ever before. What lessons can be learned from Kant? Where did Kant fail in his own endeavours? What are the abysses and darker sides of the Enlightenment? This is what our Kant special is all about.

Immanuel Kant Illustration von Antje Herzog Illustration by Antje Herzog

"Robobreak" or how to welcome our machines

"Robots & Algorithms" Retrospective

Exhibition of the results of the project and robotic artist residency “Robots & Algorithms” with window projections, photos and videos.

In 2023, the Goethe-Institut, together with its local partners Milieux, Hexagram and Eastern Bloc, invited young scientists and artists to submit creative project proposals with the humanoid NAO robot. A Montreal-based art and research collective, consisting of Patil Tchilinguirian, Ceyda Yolgörmez and Zeph Thibodeau, was awarded the project.

Nao artistic © PCZ


Digital library

The Onleihe is Goethe-Institut’s digital library (eLibrary). More than 23,000 German language eBooks, audio books, movies, materials for German language learners, magazines and newspapers are available for downloading from the Onleihe. 

Ehe woman listens to digital media from the Onleihe and walks past waiting people at the bus stop in the rain. Illustration: Maria Tran Larsen © Goethe-Institut

Suggestions from our editors

Binge Fever!

The Netflix thriller Kleo opens in 1987, when the young Stasi assassin Kleo (Jella Haase) sneaks into West Berlin and poisons a high-ranking Western official, only to be mysteriously betrayed and jailed by her handlers once she’s back in East Berlin. With this setup, Kleo situates a classic Revenge-o-matic premise, to borrow Quentin Tarantino’s piquant phrase, in an exceptionally dramatic historical moment.

EURO 2024
Soccer is Our Life

There’s music in soccer: as we approach the men’s Euro 2024 in Germany, we take a look at soccer songs, some dodgy and some successful, and the stories behind them.

Kafka, the Cinephile
Early pop culture

At the beginning of the 20th century, cinema was new and sensational – Franz Kafka was fascinated by it. There are numerous mentions in his writings of what he has seen at the movies.

A sensation at the beginning of the 20th century: a visit to the cinema © Noom Peerapong / Unsplash

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