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City Contours © Tobias Schrank

Cities in Germany
City Contours

German cities are as diverse as the landscape that surrounds them. In our series of city portraits, we embark on a journey through Goethe's homeland. In this series of city portraits, follow our authors on a journey through Goethe's homeland and take a closer look at the small and large things that make their cities so unique and lovable.

Deutsche Spuren in Kanada © Goethe-Institut

German Traces in Canada

Discover Canada from a new perspective and join us on a multimedia search for traces of German immigration in Canada. 

Word! The language column © Goethe-Institut e. V./Illustration: Tobias Schrank

The German Language Column

The rules of the language, the origin of new vocabulary and the latest, most important changes in the use of the language - these and other exciting topics are the focus of our column about the German language.

News from society

The New World of Work



More on Society

Project archive

Hannah Arendt - Thinking is Dangerous

Hannah Arendt
Thinking is Dangerous

The dossier about Hannah Arendt’s conception of thinking explores this aspect of her work and life through art, dialogue, performance, play, music, and silence.

Shaping the Past / Gestaltung der Vergangenheit

Shaping the past

How does the past take shape? What happens in the process of coming to terms with the past? What social repercussions are associated with the rooting of history in monuments and memorials? How can those narratives be shifted or upended through alternative, innovative approaches to memorialization?

Fehler © Tobias Schrank


How does the new come into the world? We celebrate the error and its innovative power: the most beautiful small and big mistakes in art, language, technology and society.

Cooking with Annika! © Tobias Schrank, Photo: A. Wegerle

Cooking workshops
Cooking with Annika!

Surely you’ve heard about German cuisine classics such as Brezeln, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat and Streuselkuchen… But have you ever cooked German recipes? If not, this is your chance! This winter, we are offering a series of online cooking workshops where you can discover a few delicious, comforting and easy recipes to make. Find the recipes on our project page and download the accompanying cookbook!

Our digital future, c’est ICI !

Youth exchange project
« Our Digital Future, c'est ICI »

A new platform for young adults that offers a local and global exchange that addresses our digital future in a holistic and positive way, and focuses on identifying the principles, processes and decisions that will lead to the most inclusive digital societies.

Radical Diversity

Discussion series
Radical Diversity

How is radical diversity approached in Germany and North America? What can we learn from one another by taking a deeper look at the components of radical diversity and the different perspectives on them?

30 Jahre Wiedervereinigung © Shutterstock

German-German history
The reunified Germany

One year after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the SED regime, the goal of West German postwar policy had been achieved: the reunification of the divided country. In 2020, we celebrated the 30th day of German reunification. Look back with us on an exciting chapter of German-German history.

Rahel Klein, on the road in Bochum Photo: © Sarah Schultes

German cities
On the road with Rahel

Fresh air, clean drinking water, a park nearby, nice neighbors. People who are there for each other and take each other into consideration. That is what the Germans want in their cities. What are you doing for it? And what are the problems? Rahel Klein visits cities in Germany for you - and shows how people are committed to making them more liveable.

MONT RÉEL  - Collaborative Workshop © ConstructLab

Mont Réel

In summer 2017, a collectively-built mountain, Mont Réel, has emerged in Montréal, providing a gathering place for the surrounding communities and an in-situ laboratory to experiment with urban (bio)diversity.

The design of the exhibition "Queer as German Folk" developed by the Berlin based agency chezweitz graphic: chezweitz

50 years Stonewall Riots
Queer as German Folk

The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots gives occasion to celebrate, but also to continue the struggle for queer rights. The Goethe-Institut supports debate and remembrance with an international program.