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Techno Worlds: The Exhibition

TECHNO WORLDS, exhibition view at the aqb in Budapest, 2021 Photo: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

The Exhibition

The exhbition TECHNO WORLDS presents the works of more than 20 international artists whose works blur the lines between art, music, film, fashion and technology. 

The title TECHNO WORLDS references the diverse techno scenes, genres and subcultural-political projects at different times and in different places around the world and features a selection of these phenomena as narrated and represented in works by visual artists and musicians. Their works explore the complexities of techno from its relations to technology and philosopy, the contradiction of a critique of consumerism in techno and its very commercialization, the politics around urban and club spaces and especially the many histories and narratives of techno – ranging from Detroit to Berlin, from Yogoslavia to Kyiv and from feminist and queer to afrofuturist perspectives.

Furthermore, the exhibition shows documentaries by Jacqueline Caux, Romuald Karmakar and Lisa Rovner. A contribution by Kerstin Greiner visualizes the aeshetics of the German techno scene of the 1990s through flyers, fanzines and fashion.




Magazines and Fashion