Chantal-Fleur Sandjon

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon Photo: Stefan Preuhs

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon (MA, MSc) is a communication scientist, writer and editor. She has been working as a spoken-word artist for over ten years, artistically accompanying post-colonial city walks, designing diversity workshops and working as an education officer at the Berlin Queer Education Unit (Fachstelle Queere Bildung). In all of this, she is deeply concerned with the decolonization of language and the development of resistant and empowering language registers.

Sandjon’s publications include books for children and young people, poetry, essays on Black German history, and a variety of guides. Her books for young readers have been awarded the Climate Book Tip Award (Klima-Buchtipp-Auszeichnung) of the German Academy for Children’s and Youth Literature (Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur) and the LesePeter Award of the Education and Science Workers Union (GEW) Youth Literature and Media Working Group. She is mother to two children and co-founder of the Afrodiaspora Kindergarten Sankofa e.V. in Berlin.

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon was a resident guest of the Goethe-Institut in Helsinki in November/December 2019 and has since been working with the Goethe-Institut Finnland on the DRIN project.