Tatiana Philippova

Tatiana Philippova © private

Tatiana Philippova is a writer, focused on fragmentary prose. That’s how she as a queer person, a lesbian and a Sakha woman recollects her «self» by decolonizing her experience.  Her grandparents were forced to leave their land during the WW II, now global climate change gradually transforms their former home into some other place. Can modern Indigenous people of Yakutia find new homeland elsewhere or should they continue to live on their ancestors land – this is the question she tries to answer in her expression. Tatiana is a winner of «Znamya» literature magazine award 2020. She lives in Yakutsk.

Tatiana Philippova is part of the interdisciplinary project called „The Right to Be Cold“. It focuses on questions about indigenous knowledge, ecology, climate justice and of the arctic and boreal region. In October/November of 2021 she is a resident in Malakta.