Áile Aikio


(Luobbal-Sámmol-Aimo Áile by her Sámi name) is a Sámi museum professional and a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Lapland. In her Ph.D. Aikio studies Sámi museums and scrutinizes how to indigenize and sámify museum and museum practices. Since 2019 she has been part of the multi- and cross-disciplinary research project The Ontological politics of Sámi Cultural Heritage that aims to generate novel understanding on Sámi cultural heritage and its intertwining to the processes of indigenization of society.

In 2005–2019 Aikio has been curator in Sámi Museum Siida in Anár / Inari in Finland, first in Collections and later as Curator of exhibitions and museum pedagogy. Aikio is interested in indigenization and how the Sámi traditional knowledge could be reformed to a Sámi museology.