When AI takes a familiar form
Learning to live with robots

Cartoon of a robot walking dogs © Goethe Institut London. Illustration: Carlos D'Agaro.

Everywhere we look new technologies are emerging around us - at work, at school, in our homes, and across the cultural sector. As we welcome more technologies into our lives, we must also ensure that we maintain ethical standards along the way. In particular, with AI-led technologies such as robotics, the replacement of humans and human functions requires not only ethical standards to be upheld but also a reassurance that humans will not be completely replaced and pushed out of work altogether. 

Fear that these expectations and standards might not be met are reasons why some institutions have been more resistant to the idea of welcoming robots. In this dossier, we explore how the cultural attitudes of nations impact their relationship to adopting new technologies. In the case of the British, it appears we are rather sceptical. 

As the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, we must think about how these technological advancements will impact us in the future and how we can incorporate these changes into our own work, to create better cultural and educational experiences. In this dossier, we delve into how these new technologies are being experienced in the UK and beyond. 

A very British perspective

Here you can read more from award-winning journalists and psychologists about why we Brits are so resistant to welcoming robots into our lives. 

Robot reading in front of tv © Goethe-Institut London. Illustration: Carlos D'Agaro.

Our Library and Robotics

The Library at the Goethe-Institut London is not only home to our robot Gilon, but also a range of books and media to assist you in exploring the topic of robotics deeper. Below you can browse through our hand-picked selection of books and media free to rent in our Onleihe. Almost all of the books and media are in German only - An excellent excuse to expand your vocabulary! 

Introductory texts

Fiction and Pop culture

Political and Philosophical Thinking

An International Pespective

Here you can discover more about the topic of Robotics via our online magazine Zeitgeister, which aims to bring together international perspectives from culture and society.