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A picture of Lena Lena E. Schröpl

Blog: Interns Like Me
Lena E. Schröpl

Hi, I’m Lena, I’m from Germany and I study English/American and Scandinavian studies. That consists of literature, languages, culture and history of the UK, North America, as well as countries linked to them via their colonial history, and the Scandinavian countries. What I like about my studies is the broad scope of topics I can dive into and therefore a vast range of fields I could maybe work in later. In other words – my future is not settled yet and this leaves me some freedom to explore.

During my studies, I’ve started to work voluntarily at the students’ media and I’ve come to love producing media content while also working journalistically and being a part of the town’s cultural scene and therefore supporting other cultural institutions. I applied for the internship at the information and library department at the Goethe-Institut hoping to combine both my interest in languages and other cultures with my interest in media work in a cultural frame.

On top of that, I also really enjoyed all my literature classes, so the library part is interesting for me as well. I aspire to get an effective routine doing public relations work knowing that the GI already is an established institution and to gain more technical knowledge concerning media production and website design as well as acquire a more refined style in my written English, as I enjoy working with language.