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Cartoon of robot with intern© Carlos D'Agaro

Interns Like Me

As part of the Library and Information Services internship, our interns work closely with our Online Editor to develop and practice their editorial skills. This includes creating written and visual content to be used for our website and social media. More importantly, we train our interns how to use our specilised Content Management System (CMS) and create online content that is accessible and serves its purpose.

During the internship, as part of their editorial duties, our interns are requested to write three blog posts - one at the start, one in the middle and one at the end of the internship. Here you will find all of the blog posts documented. Interested in joining us in the Library and Information Services for an internship? Check out the blog posts to find out more about what our internships are like, straight from the horses mouth!

A picture of Lena © Lena E. Schröpl

Intern: Lena E. Schröpl

Read the blog posts from our intern Lena who will be working with us from August-December 2022.