A Hallway © Ines Weizmann

Fri, 02.12.2022

Goethe-Institut London

As part of the Goethe-Institut London's 60th anniversary, we are celebrating with an exhibition by the students of the Royal College of Art, curated by Ines Weizman and Blanca Valdes. 

This project brings together artists, film-makers, interior designers and architectural researchers to imagine and reflect on artistic interiors, sites of refuge and imagination. Working across different generations, practices and media, this group will use the residency apartment on the top floor of the London Goethe Institut as a site of experimentation. It will discuss conditions of artistic practice in a city with escalating real estate prices, the pleasure of thinking resourcefulness and retreat to oppose bullish art market developments, but also the sense of community and care that folds into the materialities and memories of objects, walls and corridors. At the core of this collaborative work will be the intersection of two histories of artistic discourses and sites in London, one located in the very place of today’s Goethe Institut, the other in Beck Road in the East End.

Contributing artists are: 

Alexandra Ellerkamp
Jiaxin Chen
Jiayan Fu
Phoebe Mendel
Panhuili Cheng
Alice Penner
Evgeniya Beruchashvili
Ariel Li
Boya Li
Tongshan Tang 
Xinyue Wang
Jiabao Guo
Zijiang Ye
Tessa Verity
Mingxin Li

The exhibition will be shown at the Goethe-Institut London's 60s anniversary party on 2 Dec 2022. Find out more about the special programme and the celebrations here.
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Ines Weizman is the Programme Lead for the MPhil/ PhD Architecture at the RCA. She is the founding director of the Centre for Documentary Architecture (CDA), an interdisciplinary research collective of architectural historians, filmmakers, and digital technologists.
Weizman was trained as an architect at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Ecole d’Architecture de Belleville in Paris, Cambridge University, and the Architectural Association where she completed her PhD thesis in History and Theory.  Before joining the RCA Weizman was professor of architectural theory at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and director of the Bauhaus Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture and Planning. In 2016 and 2019 she directed the International Bauhaus-Colloquium and a series of conferences and exhibitions as part of the Bauhaus Jubilee in 2019.
Among her most recent publications are Dust&Data. Traces of the Bauhaus across 100 Years (2019), Documentary Architecture/ Dissidence through Architecture (2020) and 100+: Neue Perspektiven auf die Bauhaus-Rezeption (2021). Weizman’s ‘documentary methods’ developed, theorised, and presented in writings, film projects, lectures and exhibitions emerged in the context of her research on the history of international modernism and Bauhaus architecture history as well as in international research and design projects that involved experimental preservation projects and heritage theory. Her current work together with the research collective of the CDA is dealing with the history of modern architecture and design, particularly with issues of migration and colonial modernism. With the CDA she curated the exhibition The Matter of Data. Tracing the Materiality of “Bauhaus-Modernism”, which was shown in Weimar, Tel Aviv and Berlin.