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60 Years Goethe-Institut London

A lot happened in the 1960s: Beatlemania was taking over, skirts were getting shorter, hair was getting longer, and flares were getting wider.

In 1962, the Goethe-Institut London opened its doors in South Kensington to become the first home for Germany’s cultural institute in the UK. Since then, we’ve grown to become the hub of ideas, support, education and exchange that exists today - building a community of cultural collaborators and forging innovative connections along the way.

Much like the fashion trends, our role and our work has continued to shift and adapt. As we celebrate our past, we’re already thinking about our future – what will the next 60 years look like for the Goethe-Institut London?

Anniversary Events

To mark our anniversary, we have a full programme of special events that will feature a variety of voices, ideas and opportunities, to allow you to also share your stories with us. We look forward to welcoming you!

Image of the Goethe-Institut 60 Years Cupcakes © Edesea Bakery

Goethe-Institut London 60 Years Party

We are enthralled to celebrate our 60th anniversary not only amongst staff and close partners but with those of you who have made and continue to make the Goethe-Institut London what it is today. We can't wait for you to join us on the dancefloor on Friday, 2nd December 2022. Save the date! 

Goethe Annual Lectures 2022

As part of the Goethe-Institut London's 60th anniversary, we are celebrating with 3 Goethe Annual Lectures this year featuring author Mithu Sanyal, professor Mercedes Bunz and musician Matthew Herbert.

A woman in a climbing frame © GuidoSchiefer

17 Nov 2022, Goethe-Institut London and Online

In the opening Goethe Annual Lecture 2022, the author, cultural scientist, and journalist Mithu Sanyal will explore the pitfalls and promises of a politics of love in times of ever-growing divisions. What can politics informed by love look like?

A portrait of a woman outside © King's College London

24 Nov 2022, Goethe-Institut London and Online

Next up, Mercedes Bunz, Professor in Digital Culture and Society, will discuss the particular power of AI systems in her Goethe Annual Lecture 2022. Using work from contemporary artists, her talk reveals the human misunderstanding regarding AI.

Man sitting in a music studio © Manuel Vasquez

1 Dec 2022, Goethe-Institut London and Online

Through a series of extraordinary sound recordings, musician Matthew Herbert will push us to hear further than we might have thought possible in the final Goethe Annual Lecture 2022. His talk asks us how systemic listening can lead to meaningful action.