Instagram Live #Heritage_digitised // Barbara Fischer

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Fri, 22.09.2023

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


How can museums & libraries use digital technology to pave the way for a greener future?

Today cultural heritage and collections are constantly at risk due to climate change. While digital technology helps preserving cultural heritage and enables a wider audience reach, facilitating access to information, enabling collaboration, it also has an environmental impact. From equipment obsolescence and digital waste to the carbon emission from data centres - there are several concerns within the cultural heritage community on approaches to sustainability. How can digitisation contribute to raising climate awareness, foster eco-friendly practices, and promote a deeper understanding of environmental challenges? 
Tune in to our second Instagram Live conversation in the #heritage_digitised series. Together with Barbara Fischer and our host Medhavi Ghandi, we discuss how museums and libraries are paving the way for a greener future through digital technology. Bring your questions and ideas! The conversation will take place in English and will be broadcasted live on September 22 on the Goethe-Institut London Instagram channel. 

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Barbara Fischer private Barbara Fischer is an art manager who enhances the impact of cultural heritage by digital means. Co-creating formats like the popular hackathon Coding da Vinci. She endorses participation and free licenses fostering visibility of digital GLAM content and works as Liaison Counsel at the German National Library to encourage cooperation and openness in digital transformation. On behalf of the DNB, Barbara initiated the WikiLibrary Manifesto. In 2019 she initiated the ENA Climate Action Group and scientists4future. 

Medhavi Gandhi private Host Medhavi Gandhi is the founder of The Heritage Lab, a digital platform connecting citizens and museums, exploring new approaches to creating participation and engagement with cultural heritage. She has worked with a wide range of Indian organisations and those in the UK, US, Australia and Europe to develop youth engagement with culture through storytelling and design. More recently she developed and executed the Wiki Open Knowledge Fellowship in India; she also conceptualised the Digital Storytelling Festival, which is executed and promoted by Europeana across the EU. 

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How can cultural heritage be preserved digitally? With #Heritage_digitised we delve into discourses surrounding the digitisation of art and cultural heritage to ask what does this imply for narratives around postcolonialism, sustainability, representation and diversity? Through engaging discussions, insightful perspectives and the interactive competition GIF IT UP; where you can remix your own cultural heritage, #Heritage_digitised invites artists, scholars, activists, and cultural enthusiasts to participate in the exploration and reimagining of digitisation.