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Wanderlust Küche - Indonesian Culinary PhotographyPhoto (Detail): © Groupe de Jour


Santhi Serad,

Founder of Aku Cinta Makanan Indonesia (Food Community, @acmiid)

Santhi Serad © Santhi Serad Traditional food is an essential part of Indonesian tradition and culture. Food unites people. Indonesian cuisine is rich in variety and flavors, not least thanks to our country’s many herbs and spices.

Ahmad Zamroni,

Co-founder 1000kata.com (Street Photography, Documentary & Photojournalism Collective, @1000kata)

Ahmad Zamroni © Ahmad Zamroni More than 300 photographs were submitted showcasing great diversity and uniqueness, both in terms of the origin of the foods as well as the technique and approach of the photographers. Many of the photographs succeed in highlighting Indonesian dishes. Others have captured the atmosphere using props and the locations from which the dishes originate. The photos are not only beautiful to behold, at the same time they inform us about the wealth and diversity of Indonesia.

Wilton Djaya,

Goethe-Institut Indonesien (@goetheinstitut_indonesien)

Wilton Djaya © Wilton Djaya The numerous photographs submitted from all over the island state show that the food photography competition #culinarydialogueJKT reflects cultural diversity and a broad range of Indonesian cuisine while sharpening our awareness of the importance of preserving the variety of dishes and ingredients, especially in times of rapid socio-cultural change.