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Interview with Wipaphan Wongsawang, Supitcha Senarak and Matcha Phorn-in
A different world only six hours from Bangkok

Wongsawang, Senarak and Phorn-in
© Wipaphan Wongsawang

What was the most surprising discovery you made during your research?

Being there in person, we discovered a different world which is only a 6-hour drive from Bangkok. Within this 6-hour distance, Indigenous and stateless women face so many difficulties that prevent them from achieving a better condition for working and living. We were surprised at how Thai people never acknowledge this situation.

What did you learn from the workshops, mentorship, and other participants?

Being with other talented artists inspires us to produce high quality work, and we are glad that there are so many artists who are also interested in the same topic. We highly appreciate our mentor, Amruta, who is as strong as lightning. Her mentorship encouraged us to play with storytelling techniques and emotions, not only information and facts.

What aspect have you found find most challenging during the process so far?

Working under COVID-19 conditions is challenging, but we were lucky enough to visit the site before the outbreak and lockdown. Hence, during lockdown and economic hardship while living with our families, the organization understood our context and helped us feel good about working during this hard time.

What should ideally happen after the project’s publication?

We wish the world to support more grassroots Indigenous communities and activism. We believe that real change rises only from a bottom-up approach, and we are honored to be a part of telling their amazing story through this project.