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Movements and Moments
En Love (அன்பு)

Identifying Aravani Art Project as a movement, this comic follows the lives of the urban trans women in collective living in Bangalore. Told through the eyes and voice of Chandri, one of the most senior members, the narrative illustrates how, despite constantly feeling betrayed by society, she joined the art project with the help of her best friend, roommate and now colleague, Shanthi. The non-linear approach builds a connection between the multiple lives Chandri has lived and how her definition of trust has evolved through the years by the spaces she has inhabited. This approach also splits the narrative into the lives and experiences of the other members – all threaded together with the bonds to each other that they have grown to cherish.

By Chandri Narayan and Sadhna Prasad


Artworks by artists

  • Chandri Narayan and Sadhna Prasad © Chandri Narayan and Sadhna Prasad
  • Chandri Narayan and Sadhna Prasad 2 © Chandri Narayan and Sadhna Prasad
Chandri Narayan © Chandri Narayan

Chandri Narayan

is an artist and trans woman who is extremely hard working and committed to all areas of practice. She is a skilled muralist, storyteller, orator, and teacher. Apart from painting, she has a keen interest in music, dance and is a foodie.

Sadhna Prasad © Sadhna Prasad

Sadhna Prasad

is a graphic artist and illustrator with an MA in Illustration from the Camberwell College of the Arts, London. She is also the cofounder and graphic director of Aravani Art Project in Bangalore, India. Apart from illustration, she specializes in murals, painting, and storytelling.