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Movements and Moments
Millaray Huichalaf: The protectress of the sacred river (La defensora del río sagrado)

Millaray Huichalaf (29) is a Machi, the spiritual guide and healer of her Mapuche Indigenous commune in the south of Chile. She leads the resistance against Statkraft, a Norwegian state company building hydroelectric plants that could destroy the delicate ecosystem of Pilmaiken, a river that is sacred to her culture. In the context of a long history of predatory colonization and a global climate, economic and health crisis, Machi Millaray's story embodies the moral courage of Indigenous women in defense of natural and spiritual ecosystems. The wisdom of their harmonic coexistence with nature could be a lifeline for Earth.

By Consuelo Terra and Greta di Girolamo


Artworks by artists

  • Consuelo Terra and Greta di Girolamo © Consuelo Terra and Greta di Girolamo
  • Consuelo Terra and Greta di Girolamo 2 © Consuelo Terra and Greta di Girolamo
Consuelo Terra © Consuelo Terra

Consuelo Terra

is a journalist and comics creator. She drew “Water Stations Save Lives” for the book Border-X, a Crisis in Graphic Detail (2020). Her graphic novel Mamá, yo te recuerdo, with Emiliano Valenzuela, will be printed in 2021 by Reservoir Books Chile. She publishes a pop culture comic every Friday at NerdNews.cl.

Greta di Girolamo© Greta di Girolamo

Greta di Girolamo

As a journalist, Greta di Girolamo has worked for The Clinic, El Desconcierto, Revista Paula, Vice and independent projects related to childhood, ecology, feminism and human rights. Some of her works have been selected for excellence in journalism competitions. Greta is the founder of the ecofeminist collective Brujas de la Mar de El Quisco.