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Is Content Restriction the “New Normal”?

Moderator: Nenden S. Arum
Guests: Donny B.U., Kirsten Han, Markus Reuter, Septiaji Eko Nugroho

Not all conversation online can be clearly labelled as harmless or harmful. There are varieties of bullying, persuasion, and provocation where it is extremely difficult to draw the line. Indonesia, for instance, has an umbrella term for all forms of communication it deems undesirable: “negative content”. It encompasses all forms of nudity, which for most European countries is considered benign. In countries like Thailand or Singapore, it is certain political discussions that may be taboo.  

This panel will debate the nuanced views that are held on content restriction: free speech yes, but there are limits. Where are the lines drawn and who has the power and legitimacy to police the internet.