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Conference Series 2023
Digital Discourses

Humanity in the age of ai

From face recognition and text prediction to personalisation of social media feeds, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more present in our daily lives. Thanks to its capacity to learn and to crunch big data at a rapid pace, generative AI applications like ChatGPT or Midjourney can now emulate certain human abilities like writing articles, creating music, or generating images. However, the introduction of such technology raises concerns about its societal impact.

The European Union took a major step with the AI Act, imposing strict regulations on the rapidly developing AI industry, hoping these measures can be a model for other countries to follow. Meanwhile, policymakers in Southeast Asia are also drafting their own legislative strategies for the development of AI, akin to a “race against the machine.” 
As we enter the age of AI, an important conversation surrounding the ethical implications of this development becomes imperative. AI creates new possibilities and furthers innovation, but at what cost? Should we trust AI in making important decisions, and can it ever be truly neutral? Do the benefits of AI outweigh the risks of its potential misuse? What is an ethical AI, and how can this be realised? 
Featuring speakers from Europe and Southeast Asia, "Digital Discourses 2023: Humanity in the Age of AI" explores our complicated relationship with machines that, on one hand, hold the potential to enhance our lives, and on the other hand, pose the risk of marginalising humanity. 
This conference is organized by Goethe-Institut Indonesia, the Center for Digital Society and EngageMedia.