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Digital Discourses 2021© Goethe-Institut

Conference Series 2019 - 2021
Digital Discourses


Goethe-Institut Indonesien, the German Embassy Jakarta, Deutsche Welle and Project Multatuli have co-organized a two-day conference with experts from Southeast Asia and Europe to look at the transformation of journalism and news consumption in the digital age.

Conventional media across the globe are facing rapid change. The digital age has transformed the way information is produced and consumed. Many people are looking to social media as their primary source of news instead of print journalism. While AI in the newsroom affects the practice of journalism, citizen journalism and other forms of grassroots journalism have been adding fresh approaches to the way news is produced.

This development has introduced a shift in the way media operate. Online news articles are gaged by speed and clicks at the expense of in-depth reportage. This has caused a growing concern that digital media is failing to uphold the fundamental values of journalism due to the lack of quality information.

What is the likely future of journalism? Journalism in the Digital Age (25 - 26 November 2021) is the fourth instalment of the Digital Discourses conference series, which Goethe-Institut Indonesien has conducted since 2019. The conference series is intended to stimulate a debate about the impact digital transformation has on individuals, economics, politics, society, and the ecology.