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Alur Bunyi© Groupe Dejour

Alur Bunyi

The Alur Bunyi concert series returns in 2021 with fresh experiments, this year under the curatorship of the acclaimed musician, collaborator and jazz composer Azfansadra Karim (Adra Karim).


We will experience jazz, electronic, and contemporary music as the underlying genres explored and presented throughout our upcoming concerts. True to the program’s hallmark, Alur Bunyi continues to give musicians and artists ample room for musical exploration. In this haven where boundaries have been lifted, performers are encouraged to come up with novel, authentic artistic expression.

At the same time, the 2021 edition of Alur Bunyi will continue to play with and reflect upon cultural hybridity. Sustaining the tradition begun in 2017, Alur Bunyi sets the stage for musicians and artists from a diversity of backgrounds to showcase their sonic experiments through their musical compositions and works.

Since 2017 the Alur Bunyi concert series highlights sonic practices that exist outside the confines of categorization. In reaction to augmented cross-cultural exchange and diminished geographical boundaries, its practitioners perpetually navigate between the dualism in the freedom of access and the consequences of our increasingly digitalized consciousness. This fluctuating state of the now stimulates sound artists to create an interplay of disparate sources and methods to form new constructs of expression.

As a result of strong intuition, improvisation and the bridging of tradition with unconventional approaches, contemporary sound works coming out of Indonesia today possess a singular appeal despite being confronted with unique sets of limitations and challenges. The rise of algorithmic and binary misrepresentations are met with loud overtones towards identity, spirituality and authenticity with regard to how Indonesian artists interact with the sound medium. The context and purpose of its presence and performance may change, but its ritualistic and collective nature persists. It is within these societal dynamics that sound art—whether understood as music or not—continues to be a product of shifting polarities. These are the key motives behind the artists that will weigh in with their perspectives this year.

The 2020 edition of the Alur Bunyi concert series will continue to experiment with hybridity is the primary initiative. We will build upon the concept we started in 2019 as we invite artists of different backgrounds to collaborate and search for the balance and imbalance between “traditional”, “primitive” instincts and neoteric, computational processes in the audiovisual realm.

Artists Profiles

Live Streaming

Ata Ratu © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Ata Ratu

Live Streaming - Monohero © Goethe-Institut Indonesien


Live Streaming - Gerald Situmorang © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Gerald Situmorang

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Elizabeth Soegiharto