Anders Hören
Anders Hören

  • Barock Lounge Barock Lounge Foto: © Mick Sandra
  • Brezel Göring-Barocklounge Brezel Göring-Barocklounge Foto: © Marco Maas
  • Barock Lounge Barock Lounge Foto: © Mick Sandra
  • Barock Lounge Barock Lounge Foto: © Mick Sandra
  • Konzert Mirijam Contzen Konzert Mirijam Contzen Foto: © Robert Arcangel

About Anders Hören

With the Anders Hören (Listening differently) series of concerts the Goethe-Institut has embarked on a journey of discovery in South-East Asia to explore new ways to adopt and promote classical music. More and more musicians and orchestras in Germany are getting involved in presenting classical music outside the traditional context of concerts and are looking for new formats to engage their audiences. Audience members are responding enthusiastically and are keen to embrace these brand-new ways to encounter classical music.

Alur Bunyi | Linnéa & Sady feat. Jevin Julian

August 15, 2017 | 8 PM

May 17, 2017 | 8 PM
Anders Hören with Ensemble Resonanz and Dea

February 2017, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Hanoi

In its own venue Resonanzraum in the heart of Hamburg’s famous district St. Pauli, Ensemble Resonanz is making different musical ends meet in their concert series urban string on a monthly basis. Now, urban string is touring to Southeast Asia for the first time introducing the audience to a vibrant mix of classical and electronic sound. Every urban string night is different. Each concert of the series is based on a carefully selected live program that draws parallels between music from the 17th, 18th century and very contemporary compositions. These parallels may not exist on paper but are coming across in the stories told by the musicians of the ensemble, who are hosting the concert themselves, engaging in a dialogue with the audience and introducing the pieces they play. But the program not only brings together old and new, but also classical and electronic music. Each concert of the Southeast Asia tour urban string showcases a local guest DJ who adds up to the story. Not a service DJ who will play “lounge music”, but a music archaeologists who contributes a unique and local character to the evening.

In Jakarta Dea will be joining the Ensemble Resonanz for the concert, adding to the concert his very unique flavor of ‘70s disco music and psychedelic rock.

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urban string: scanners

Anders Hören with Elbipolis Barockorchester ft. Brezel Göring (Stereo Total)

October 2016, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila, Yangon, Hanoi

Baroque meets electro – seemingly incompatible elements merge into an unexpected synthesis in this experimental format. The Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra, which has managed to establish itself in the baroque scene within a remarkable short time due to its playfulness and brilliant interpretations, performed baroque music in a relaxed lounge setting and inspired the DJ Brezel Göring of Stereo Total to immediate transformation into electro sounds. The result was a fascinating dialogue that at times amplified and emphasized musical structures and rhythms and then went to alienated and ironized them. A spontaneous musical experience that opened up new horizons with its unique dynamic.


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Konzert - Barock Lounge: Outerspace

Anders Hören with Violinist Mirijam Contzen

September 2015, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Yangon

The Goethe-Institut invited all thrill-seekers and enthusiasts to a treat in September 2015. The multi-awarded German-Japanese Mirijam Contzen gave a violin concert in total darkness. Musician and listeners alike have been plunged in the dark and left with only 4 senses to experience the performance – but with intensified hearing. But none of the concert guests were left alone: Courtesy of the non-government organization Resources for the Blind, a troupe of blind ushers and usherettes led audience members inside the dark chamber to their seats.


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Konzertreihe - Concert in the dark