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Feature film
Aus dem nichts (In the fade)

Diane Kruger in In The Fade, a Magnolia Pictures release
Diane Kruger in In The Fade, a Magnolia Pictures release | Photo (detail): © Magnolia Pictures

Director: Fatih Akin | Cast: Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Numan Acar and Johannes Krisch | Language: German, with English subtitles

After the death of her family in a terrorist attack, Katja’s life falls apart. Her friends and extended family try to give her the support she needs, and Katja somehow manages to make it through the funeral. But the mind numbing search for the perpetrators and reasons behind the senseless killing complicate Katja’s painful mourning, opening wounds and doubts. Katja struggles as she endures the trial against the two suspects: a young couple from the neo-Nazi scene. The trial pushes Katja to the edge and there’s simply no alternative for her: she wants justice.

Fatih Akin’s In the Fade is an absorbing and nuanced drama about taking the law into one's own hands, about revenge and anger. A disturbing, courageous and impressive film - inspired by an attack carried out by the neo-Nazi terror cell National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Cologne, Germany in 2004.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller. Diane Kruger is superb.

The Hollywood Reporter

04.10.2018 | 7 PM | Epicentrum XXI
06.10.2018 | 7 PM | Level 21 XXI
13.10.2018 | 7 PM | Ciwalk XXI
13.10.2018 | 7 PM | Nipah XXI
20.10.2018 | 7 PM | Empire XXI
20.10.2018 | 7 PM | Sutos XXI

Fatih Akin was born in 1973 in Hamburg, Germany, the son of Turkish immigrants. He studied at the University of Fine Arts. Already an accomplished filmmaker in Germany, his international breakthrough came with Head-On (2004), winner of the Golden Bear, as well as the German and European Film Award. His 2007 feature The Edge of Heaven won the Best Screenplay prize at Cannes. His 2014 feature The Cut premiered at the Venice Film Festival. His latest feature In the Fade, starring Diane Kruger, premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

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